Vape Myths DEBUNKED By Actual Doctor

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Vaping Myths DEBUNKED… by Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor at Boston University School of Public Health There is a lot of hyperbole around the subject of vaping and a TON of vaping myths to boot –– most of which, as you’ll see below, is complete bunk (i.e. completely untrue). Vape Beat does not consider itself […]

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REVIEW: Recoil Performance RDA by Grimm Green & OhmBoyOC

Recoil Performance RDA

The Recoil Performance RDA by Grimm Green and OhmBoyOC REVIEWED Grimm Green and OhmBoyOC have come together to create an RDA that can be used by everybody, regardless of experience, and that RDA is called the Recoil Performance RDA – and it really is one hell of an addition to the already highly competitive RDA […]

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Pioneer4You iPV 8 Review: Another Win For The YiHi Chip

iPV 8

This is VapeBeat’s review of the YiHi-powered Pioneer4You iPV 8 Pioneer4You (P4U) has been around for ages. In fact, it is one of the oldest brands in the vaping space. Over the years there has been some trial and error, but for the most part the hardware the company makes has produced has been solid. Today, […]

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8 AWESOME Mech Mods For The ULTIMATE Vaping Experience


Best Mech Mod? Here’s VapeBeat’s Pick For 2016 A mech-mod is like a stripped down box-mod and they’re VERY popular with a lot of people. Here’s six of the best mech-mods you can buy… I LOVE a good box-mod. These types of units have been my go-to for, well, longer than I care to remember. […]

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Vaporesso OMNI Board: Taking On EVOLVS’s DNA Chip


The Vaporesso OMNI Board is one of the most impressive vape chipsets on the market right now! A lot of chipsets have come out for our vape devices and yet only a very select few have actually been worth even a mention. EVOLV’s DNA chipset – notably the DNA 200 – is perhaps the most well known […]

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The War on Vaping is About MONEY –– NOT Your Well Being


The War on Vaping RAGES on… Smoking is bad. We all know this. But not so long ago –– like, when your grandparents were kids –– doctors had no problem giving cigarettes to patients in their care, apparently it helped with a bad chest. Go back to WW2 and you’ll see something similar: big tobacco handing out […]

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Best Black Friday Vape Deals: Tanks. Box Mods. E-Liquid


Want cut price vape gear? Well, it’s Black Friday 2016 and there’s LOADS of deals flying around Black Friday comes but once a year and today is OFFICIALLY the day, so if you’re in the market for some EPIC savings on your vape gear, well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll be including […]

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