Top 10 Instagram Girls THAT VAPE


Instagram Girls THAT Vape. Yep — this is a real thing Instagram is one of the most popular social networks on the planet. You can pretty much find every type of person on there, from fitness enthusiasts to foodies — all niches and nuances are catered for. It’s also a great place if you’re into […]

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Halcyon Tango Down E-Juice Review: Stunningly Tasty

Halcyon Tango Down E-Juice Review

Halcyon’s Tango Down is described as tangerine with citrus notes and raspberry. Some say it resembles Sunny Delight, but I have to disagree with that. It’s WAY more complex, and it tastes better too. Tango Down also smells good, I mean really, really good. Tip some out the bottle and rub it on your face […]

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Badger Juice Review: DAMN Fine E-Liquid From Franklin, TN

Badger Juice

Badger Juice: Zac delivers his verdict on Franklin’s finest Some many e-juices, so little time. What’s a boy to do? Easy — get the hell on it and sample as many as is humanly possible. This is my endeavour, my quest — find the best e-juices, vape them, and report back to you. I know, […]

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Make Your Own E Liquid: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

make your own ejuice

The idea of creating your own juice probably comes with some apprehension. The concept can seem overwhelming with the considerable wealth of information on the internet at your disposal. With a little education and practice, your success is almost guaranteed though. Familiarity plus trial and error will be your best friends and fortunately the short […]

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Best Way To Store E-Liquid: Plastic or Glass?


YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL WHEN STORING E-LIQUID IN PLASTIC BOTTLES FOR PROLONGED PERIODS OF TIME Glass is a classy container, plain and simple. It looks good on the shelf, feels good in your hand, and is available in a myriad of cool shapes and colours. While it’s the best material in the respect of […]

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The Vape Community Is THRIVING. Let’s Keep It That Way

The Vape Community Is THRIVING

Vape Community, #vapefam and #vapelife — they’re ALL popular slogans online and inside social media, but I’m honestly curious who’s out there? The internet’s a big place and there are now more people interested in vaping than ever before. The topic of ecigs and vaping is often discussed on the news, bringing the subject to […]

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